Just Relax


Here are 11 simple steps to reduce stress

1. Define your goals; this way, we will know what our life purpose is and why, and knwo that it is up to us to control our own life.

2. Take charge of your diet: Reduce stress by avoiding stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, tea and sugar. Use chamomile and herbal tea as alternatives because of their calming and relaxing effect. Eat slowly to aid your digestive system.

3. Take hot baths regularly. After a very besy day, soak in a tub of hot water with lavender oil.

4. Aromatherapy is particularly helpful to relax and avoid stress. Again, use lavender oil.

5. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. As we exercies, our brain releases endorphins, our feel-good hormones. Exercise also relaxes tired muscles, so walk, dance or swin regularly.

6. Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi use deep breathing techniques, so make meditation and pranayama a habit.

7. Self-hypnotherapy can be very relaxing after a hot bath. Sit, or lie in a comfortable place with your eyes closed. Imagine a spotlight above your head an concentrate on it. Relax each body part consciously. You can also use a self-hypnotherapy audio tape for better results.

8. Massage is a great way to reduce stress.

9. Prayers and helping others are important components for happiness and stress reduction. You will feel calmer and get filled with a sense of inner peace.

10. Talking through your problems releases blocked emotions and it helps you find solutions to your problems.

11. Multivitamins like a Vitamin B complex tablet taken regularly decreases stress in those who need supplements. Consult your doctor.

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