Magic of Meditation


Often, stress remains in the system. Focus on the rhythm of your breath that is linked to the state of the mind, says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Once Mullah Naseeruddin met with an accident and he landed in a hospital. He had band-aid all over his face. One of his friends came and asked him, Mullah how are you doing? He said, “I am fine. Only it hurts when I laugh.” The friend then asked Mullah, “How can you laugh being in this condition?” Mullah replied, “If I don’t laugh now I have never laughed in my life.”

Undying enthusiasm is one aspect of being in perfect health. To be able to be in that state, the mind should be in that state, the mind should be stress-free and tension proof. Half of our health we spend in gaining wealth and then we spend that wealth to gain back our health. This is not economical.

Nature has provided us with an inbuilt mechanism — sleep. Sleep is very important as that is when the body releases stress and energy gets recuperated. To some extent, sleep takes care of the fatigue. But most of the time, stress remains in the system. For tackling these kinds of stresses, there are techniques of pranayama and meditation which focus on the rhythm of breath that is linked to the state of the mind.

Human beings hold onto stress. When You are stressed, you frown. Whenever you frown, you use 72 nerves and muscles in your face. But when you smile, you use only four. So you give more work to your face every time you frown. More work means more stress. Stress also makes your smile disappear. What if some failure happens here and there? Every failure is a big step for success. If you have the skill, you can turn any situation around by inducing a little humour in it. Humour is a very good greasing for avoiding stress.

The stress and tension in society ┬átoday calls for meditation. The busier you are, the lesser time you have, the lesser time you have, the more desires and ambitions you have — all the more is the need to meditate. Because meditation not only relieves you of stress and strain, it also enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind. Not only does it eliminate stress and tensions, release toxins from the body, soothes the mind, it also makes you more capable and enhances you in every way.

If you want to be happy and healty, just meditate.

–Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, The Art of Living Foundation

Times Wellness, Page: 01, 7, April, 2011